Saturday, May 22, 2010

Magazine runs photos of what they call drunken UNC players on Spring Break

An online magazine titled Coed Magazine has released what it calls "drunken Spring Break pictures" of UNC basketball players.

The photos undoubtedly show Carolina players; however, the timing of the photos is in question. While freshman John Henson was pictured so were Wes Miller, Bobby Frasor and Mike Copeland, who haven't been on the team in a while. Spring Break at UNC was March 6-14 but I think the Tar Heels were a tad busy during that time.

The pictures certainly appear to be real but when they were taken, and whether or not they were taken at the same time is uncertain. Those who want their Tar Heels to be straight-laced will nevertheless be upset by the pictures which appear to show Marcus Ginyard having beer poured down his throat and Henson dirty dancing with a scantily clad female, as well as other jocularity.

Take a look at reason one why the Wear twins shouldn't have transferred by clicking here. This photo appears to show Henson gettin' down on it. Take a look at all the photos and make up your mind for yourself.

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