Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brind'Amour won't play, will join Canes organization

The Carolina Hurricanes made the right, and classy, move with Rod Brind'Amour. Brind'Amour  announced Wednesday afternoon that he won't return to the Carolina Hurricanes as a player, but will join the team in a new role.

Brind'Amour said general manager Jim Rutherford had told him, in a conversation a few weeks ago, that there was not a fit for him to come back next season. That left Brind'Amour weighing whether to try to play for another team after a disappointing 2010 season.

Leaving Raleigh, Brind'Amour said, "never ever felt right."

"I certainly don't want to play anywhere else," he said. After Rutherford called him Wednesday morning and said Brind'Amour could have a role with the team, that sealed it for Brind'Amour. That role has not yet been defined.

Here's the harsh truth - Brind'Amour's play had fallen to the point where Carolina had make a change. But you have to applaud the franchise for looking for a way to keep Brind'Amour around.

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  1. Wish he could have had a last hurrah or a final season to say goodbye rather than his retiring deep into the off season. But this was probably best for everyone. If I had to choose 20 of my favorite sports moments, Brind'Amour hoisting the Stanley Cup would be on that list. It probably would be in the top five of my favorite Triangle area sports moments.