Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nebraska move will change college landscape

The college landscape could change quickly, and soon. The Omaha, Neb., paper is reporting Nebraska is moving to the Big Ten, which delivers a huge blow to the already wobbly Big 12. You have to believe that means much-desired Texas will be evaluating its options.

It's hard to imagine Texas playing in a conference with a school as far north as Minnesota, or Michigan playing in Austin in a conference game, but in this world, anything is possible. All this makes the ACC's decision to act early and decisively look prescient, since part of John Swofford's thinking at the time was the league wanted to be proactive on expansion, rather that reacting.

Still, any conference move has to have some sort of geographic tie. The ACC wasn't looking to add Virginia Tech, but the Hokies have been a superb addition. Meanwhile, Boston College and Miami are in big markets but lack big fan bases. Ultimately, the ACC needs the Hurricanes to return to power in football.

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