Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey look! It's the Secretary of State!

The Buzz had North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall on the radio Thursday morning, and it’s an amusing story about how that came to be. Marshall was at Microspace, which is where The Buzz does its talk shows, for something else and someone from the station saw her and went, “Hey, wait, that’s Elaine Marshall!”

So The Buzz got her into the studio, and had a strong interview. She told The Buzz that she had assigned three investigators to look into whether the state law prohibiting agents from offering inducements outside of NCAA rules had been broken.

Marshall called into The David Glenn Show later, too. As Capital Sports reported Wednesday, Marshall said no agent has been convicted under the law. “You’ve got to have some pretty good stuff” to win a conviction, she said.

Still, this move by the state is long overdue. It’s obvious Marshall is on a tough Senate battle and wants some positive publicity, but the state of North Carolina has real power that the NCAA lacks. The state can subpoena, and jail, violators.

Keep in mind that former Duke star Corey Maggette repeatedly lied about his relationship with Myron Piggie – until the federal prosecutor stepped in.

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