Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons learned at UNC

North Carolina coach Butch Davis suggested maybe the school was ``a little naive'' in how it dealt with players and agents and that a lesson can be learned from the current scandal.

Speaking Monday in Greensboro at ACC Media Days, Davis repeated his stance that the school did all it could as far as educating its athletes about how to deal with agents. Davis said last week the NCAA told UNC they did a good job with that aspect. But that doesn't mean they were perfect.

``People make mistakes and they learn from it,'' Davis said. ``There are instances that happen and we will deal with them and be a better program because of them. We will learn from them. Maybe we were a little naive.''

Earlier this month, NCAA investigators visited Chapel Hill to interview UNC football players Marvin Austin and Greg Little about possible benefits they received from agents. If the allegations are proven true, their eligibility would be in jeopardy.

The NCAA requested that UNC not pursue its own investigation of the events. UNC's coaches and players are also not supposed to comment specifically about the events and the investigation.

But there's nothing wrong with them talking in general about agents and their impact on the daily life of student-athletes. Nearly every ACC coach this weekend has been asked a question about this topic.

Davis also said he thought it would be a good idea for schools and conferences to create a database of information about agents, with good and bad reviews.

``That way we can tell our (players) that, if these guys are visiting campus you need to know that these are bad guys,'' Davis said. ``If a guy is a crook on the West Coast, we not know about it here.''

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