Saturday, August 21, 2010

If Balmer hasn't spoken to the NCAA, the investigation is too slow

NFL and former UNC player Kentwan Balmer, who is said to have paid for a trip for UNC players, says he hasn't spoken to NCAA investigators.

If that's the case, the investigation is moving too slowly. A lot of players, coaches and fans that had nothing to do with getting perks from sports agents are being held hostage to the investigation.

The much-anticipated season, which starts with a neutral site season kickoff against LSU, has now been dampened with no apparent resolution in sight. Carolina is using second-team players as starters in practice for fear that Marvin Austin and Greg Little won't be able to play. Whether they are or not, the Heels are at a disadvantage. A victory over LSU would certainly tell a lot about the character of the team.

The NCAA just needs to do whatever it's going to do and the Tar Heels will move on. Some guidance should be given prior to the start of the season. Unfortunately, because Cam Thomas, who played last year for the Heels, is involved, there has been speculation that wins could be taken away from Carolina from last season as well.

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