Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South Carolina kicks Saunders off the team

South Carolina has kicked tight end Weslye Saunders off its football team, athletics director Eric Hyman announced Wednesday, which is a pretty interesting development in light of the fact that North Carolina's issues with the NCAA and academic irregularities continue.

“Weslye Saunders is no longer part of our football program,” Hyman said in a statement, according to The Columbia State newspaper. “Beyond that, I will have no further comment.”

UNC's Marvin Austin is not practicing with the team but there is no resolution to his issue. Meanwhile, 12 players could miss Saturday's game with Georgia Tech and there is no definitive end in sight.

Saunders, of course, is the son of News & Observer columnist Barry Saunders, who has said little on this issue to the public. But South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is a stickler for NCAA rules. And whether you like his swaggering style or not, you have to admit he runs a clean program.

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  1. I think most Carolina fans have resigned themselves to being without Marvin Austin for the season. This news only deepens that resignation.
    Perhaps there is more to it in the Saunders case but I doubt it.
    I am actually really surprised Saunders was involved in anything that could be construed as suspect. If his dad keeps up with his son like mine did when I was in college, and if his dad is as media savvy as most members of the media (meaning he should know what to do or not do to stay out of the media's headlights), it's hard to believe this could happen.