Friday, September 3, 2010

Wake wins but game will be remembered for Presbyterian trick play

It was one of those plays you'll see on various shows for years to come. Presbyterian was outmanned in a 53-13 rout by Wake Forest in the season opener last night. But at least they'll be remembered more for a well-executed trick play that resulted in a 68-yard touchdown.

QB Brandon Miley bounce passed one to receiver Derrick Overhold out to his side. Overhold and Presbyterian acted as if it were a dead ball - an incomplete pass, and the Wake defense accordingly stopped. But the "pass" was a lateral and Overhold jolted back into action as Michael Ruff had kept running behind the defenes. Overhold threw a strike to an open Ruff who went the rest of the way for a score.

“The trick play was as well executed as anything I’ve ever seen,” Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe said smiling. “He (Overholt) hit the ball and seemed so disgusted that it was incomplete. I thought that was beautiful.”

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