Monday, October 18, 2010

Panthers' Clausen benched in favor of Moore - Ok, whatever

Carolina Panthers coach John Fox released a statement today saying that Matt Moore will return to replace Danny Clausen as quarterback.

This "quarterback controversy" isn't exactly Montana vs. Young or Jurgensen vs. Kilmer. Whatever Fox' gut tells him to do is ok I guess. Whomever practices better probably should start. But the franchise needs to decide if Clausen is the future or Moore is the future.

"We have struggled on offense since the beginning of the season and sometimes it helps to step back and watch and Matt has had a chance to do that," Fox said today.

Somehow I think the Panthers intended to stick with Clausen when he took over, not merely give Moore a break to observe. Perhaps both quarterbacks have a future in the NFL but it doesn't appear that this season will be good for either. It probably doesn't matter which guy is quarterbacking as far as wins but it might as far as developing the future.

The Panthers, who play 1-5 San Francisco Sunday, stand at 0-5 and are one of two teams who are winless - the Bills are the other.

NFL Note: At FedEx Field Sunday night, about 50 Washington Redskins alumni were introduced including former Duke and Wilmington product Sonny Jurgensen. When the new HD television screen showed Jurgensen, his name was misspelled as "Jurgenson." You'd think that a five-time all-pro who threw for more than 32,000 yards and was proclaimed by legendary coach Vince Lombardi as the best quarterback he'd ever seen, could have his name spelled correctly by his own team.


  1. Frankly, I think the Panthers should stick with Clausen. Fox is gone after this year, and Matt Moore is not a starting quarterback on a winning NFL team. Benching Clausen is just short-term thinking and delays the learning curve. Carolina should take its hits now, get a high draft pick and reload. There just isn't enough talent on this team now to contend in the NFL.

  2. All I can figure is that the coaches either think Moore has a shot to be a starting NFL quarterback or that they didn't want to hurt Clausen's psyche by putting him in a bad situation. That being said, I tend to agree with you Dane.