Monday, October 25, 2010

Wilson has to be more precise for N.C. State to prevail Thursday

North Carolina State will need a brilliant game from Russell Wilson to win Thursday night, and the Wolfpack leader has not played brilliantly in the past three games.

Wilson loathes throwing interceptions, but he has been more aggressive this season, pitching to experienced receivers, and that has cost him at times. Virginia Tech snatched three balls as Wilson challenged the Hokies deep, and those turnovers led to the Wolfpack loss. Boston College interecepted Wilson twice, although State won, and East Carolina did it three times in a Pirates win.

"We're being aggressive in the passing game which is good for us," Wilson said Monday, according to WRAL.com. "We've had to take a few shots at the end of games and the end of the half. It's going to happen, sometimes you win some sometimes you lose some," Wilson said. "But I'm the type of guy that's going to keep working every week whether it's balance, getting the ball on time. Whatever it is I'm going to find it."

Wilson has to play brilliantly Thursday, and the hunch here is he will. State can not play conservatively against a Seminoles defense that leads the ACC in fewest points allowed at just 16.1 points per game. One interesting note about FSU this season - the Noles have only six picks in seven games.

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