Thursday, November 11, 2010

UNC tells former tutor Wiley not to associate with football program

In a sternly worded letter, the University of North Carolina has disassociated itself from former tutor Jennifer Wiley, the school announced late Thursday afternoon.

Athletics director Dick Baddour sent Wiley a letter earlier this month asking Wiley not to have any contact with the football program for five years.

Baddour wrote that Wiley provided impermissible benefits worth in excess of $2,000 and ,in 2009 and 2010, "provided impermissible academic assistance to some of our student=athletes. As a result of your actions, the eligibility status of some of our student-athletes has been adversely affected."

Carolina also said five individuals contributed impermissible benefits to UNC players. Those individuals were Hakeem Nicks ($3,300), Omar Brown ($1,865), Mahlon Carey ($140), Vernon Davis ($20) and a person from Miami for whom UNC didn't have a full name.

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