Thursday, December 16, 2010

Unfortunate end to Art Chansky's run with UNC network

Art Chansky was once known for signing off his sports radio opinion pieces with the words, "See ya," and was even jeered at Cameron Indoor Stadium for that. Now, it's Learfield Sports saying just that to Chansky.

Chansky is a bright, talented journalist who did a splendid job at the Durham Herald-Sun before moving to the UNC network. He has written books, been on the radio and had the sort of multi-faceted, and long, career many dream of having. His body of work is one that exudes intelligence and insight.

Unfortunately, his email to UNC chancellor Holden Thorp showed poor judgment on two fronts. WTVD has the entire e-mail up on its website. In the e-mail, Chansky explains that "if" Thorp decides to fire Butch Davis and look for a new football coach, two of Chansky's former fraternity brothers, Jim Delany and Eddie Fogler, can help. You can't help but read the e-mail and sense Chansky is advocating the firing of Davis.

But he also "outs" Delany and Fogler, who, he says, have quietly helped schools find new coaches. Chansky writes that Delany's "love and loyalty for this university is unquestioned." Delany, by the way, is the commissioner of the Big Ten, and those words would surely make him squirm.

Chansky writes that Fogler has been behind the scenes helping schools like Kansas State, Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina find basketball coaches. So now, Fogler's work is in the open.

What the e-mail was really designed to do was tell Thorp that Delany and Fogler might be available to help once Davis was removed. And Chansky intended this as a private conversation, as he noted at the end with, "I reiterate this will remain strictly between us."

Well, no it won't. Led by The News & Observer, the local media outlets have been pouring over e-mails to UNC about the football program, and Chansky should have known his e-mail could turn up. WTVD reported he was fired Wednesday after 18 years, although Gary Sobba, the head of Tar Heel Sports Properties, insisted to the station that he resigned.

Either way, the outcome is the same. It's an unfortunate end to a great run with the UNC network.

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  1. UNC should have known about Butch Davis and recruiting levels. Wolfie '61bn