Friday, January 7, 2011

UNC team pranksters sticky note John Henson's entire car

With a little time on their hands during break, the North Carolina Tar Heel players have been pulling pranks on one another.

One of the latest comes at the hands of the subs who come in at the end of games to mop up to a chorus of "shoot, shoot" from the Carolina students living out their George Plimpton-like dreams. The victim was John Henson whose car was covered with 2400 sticky notes. Click here for video.

The players - Daniel Bolick, Stewart Cooper, DJ Johnston, Patrick Crouch and David Dupont - have dubbed themselves "Blue Steel." Henson thought the culprits were Larry Drew and Justin Watts who had earlier been the victims of pranks themselves.

A retaliation attack of cotton balls, baby powder and Saran Wrap was made on Johnston's car today.

Players and coaches alike seem to have enjoyed the hijinks and say that this team has good chemistry. The Tar Heels take on Virginia to open the ACC season at noon

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