Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UNC trainer says "most girls" would kill for John Henson's waist

An article in today's USA Today discusses how hard it's been for John Henson to bulk up. He'll need to put on some weight if he intends to bang inside in the ACC. The 6-foot-10 sophomore weighed in at only 180 pounds last year.

"He's been the one guy I've probably sat up the most at night, pulling my hair out and probably giving me more gray hair, going, 'OK, What do I have to do with him?'" Tar Heels trainer Jonas Sahratian said. "Because, he is, he's kind of like a wet noodle. ... He's got the most minuscule joints you've ever seen. His waist is like a wasp's waist. Most girls would kill for it. It's getting better. It's been a rough road. He's been probably the most difficult guy I've ever had to train."

To read the article, click here.

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