Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Even Bowden should realize Fla. State needed a change

Isn’t it sad to see Bobby Bowden questioning Florida State’s loyalty after he was pushed out as football coach after last season.

"I know things don't always end the way you expect them to, but where was the loyalty you would think you'd get after 34 years of service?" he wrote in his book, “Called to Coach.” "You can't imagine how many times those in charge told me over the last 20 years, 'Bobby, you can coach as long as you'd like at FSU.'"

Bowden desperately wanted to win 400 games. He finished at 389, although the NCAA doesn’t recognize 12 of those after finding the athletic department guilty of academic fraud.

Bowden had a great run at Florida State but golly, that run was over. The Seminoles won the ACC in 2005 but were only 16-16 in league play in the last four seasons. Toss in the fact that FSU has lost six straight to Florida – and four by blow-out scores – and it was time for a change in Tallahassee.

Even Bowden should recognize that.

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