Monday, August 23, 2010

Yow bust is rare, but appropriate

At the University of Alabama, you get a statue if you coach the Crimson Tide to a national football championship.

But around the Triangle, there's no statue for Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano or even Everett Case. But there will be a bust, at least, of Kay Yow, the legendary Wolfpack women's basketball coach, when NCSU unveils its tribute to Yow on Tuesday at 3 p.m., a move that comes with a twinge of irony as new athletics director Debbie Yow will speak at the event.

Yow's death in January of 2009 ended one of the most remarkable careers in Wolfpack athletics. Yow, especially in the early and middle years of her tenure, established terrific teams that always hovered at the top of the ACC standings. She was a fervent advocate of the women's game, urging the media to cover events and working tirelessly to build up the sport.

Perhaps the only blemish on her mark was she only made the NCAA Final Four once. But that seems like a footnote in a career that will be remembered by her grace and dignity as she coached on with breast cancer.

The memorial will include a bust of Yow, on a pink stone base, and should be a fitting tribute to a coach who expanded and transcended her sport.

And by the way, if you never saw Yow's video that she made before she died, you can view it here from WRAL.com. It's an amazing commentary from her about her faith and it's impact on her life.

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