Monday, September 27, 2010

Capital Sports readers think UNC's Butch Davis won't be back

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has said that right now the plan is for Carolina coach Butch Davis to be coach next year. With all the players involved in agent and academic scandals, Capital Sports readers aren't buying it.

In an online poll, a whopping 78 percent say that Davis won't or probably won't be back next season as the head coach. Of that, 66 percent say he definitely won't be back while only 9 percent say he definitely will be back. Another 13 percent say he'll probably be back.

Of course, a lot is yet to be determined. Will Carolina have to forfeit any games? Will any other bombshells explode? How long before Holden and Baddour did Davis know about the possible wrongdoing? How many games will the Tar Heels win this year?

If you voted in the poll and want to give your reasoning for your vote, please add a comment to this article.

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