Friday, October 1, 2010

Duke needs a win at Maryland to salvage season

With losses at Wake Forest and at home against a poor Army team, and the way the defense is playing, it will be tough for Duke to win another game this season. Maryland, this week's foe, is an opponent we picked at the first of the year that we thought Duke could beat.

It would have been a slight upset but now it would be a big upset as Duke QB Sean Renfree has not excelled. In fact, he's already thrown seven interceptions for the 1-3 Blue Devils.

Plus, the matchup seems right for Maryland. "We have to limit the big play," Duke coach David Cutcliffe said. "It's killed us. We've played good five to six snaps and then we give up a monster. And Maryland specializes in the monster."

The Washington Post says this is one of the easiest games to pick all season. "Maryland in a runaway," they say. In a Post online poll, 90 percent chose the Terrapins to win.

With Miami, Virginia Tech and Navy on the horizon, Duke better put up a strong effort in this game to attempt to salvage the season. I have a feeling that Duke will play its best game of the year. We'll see if that's enough. Otherwise, unless the Devils can beat Virginia, it looks as if this could turn into a 1-11 season.

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