Monday, September 20, 2010

Fox needs Clausen to produce, and soon

The Panthers got lucky in the draft when Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen was available in the second round. Now Carolina is about to find out how lucky it was, and the future of coach John Fox depends on it.

Carolina's offense was brutal in the preseason and not much better through two games. Matt Moore threw one interception Sunday against Tampa Bay that was just inexcusable, trying to rifle a pass between three defenders to Steve Smith. Smith has to have help from other receivers, but Carolina just hasn't been able to provide that for him.

The Panthers have a brilliant running game, but the modern NFL isn't the SEC of the 1960s. You have to throw the ball, and Moore is nothing more than a decent backup. Clausen has a tremendous arm, as anyone who saw Notre Dame at Kenan Stadium last year knows. Given that the Panthers are 0-2 - and that Fox doesn't have a contract after this season - Carolina had to make a move. It was clear where this team was headed with Moore.

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