Friday, September 24, 2010

Should former UNC tutor remain a Durham teacher?

You have to admire the impressive reporting by The News  & Observer to ferret out the name of the tutor who worked with the North Carolina football players. Newspapers have had their woes, but the paper has pushed hard on this story and generally dominated the news (although InsideCarolina’s Greg Barnes also has been terrific, and he had the initial scoop that broke the story open).

Now, the Durham public school system has a decision to make.

According to The News & Observer, the tutor, Jennifer L. Wiley, is now teaching elementary school in Durham. If it turns out Wiley helped athletes cheat on their papers at UNC, should she should be teaching at all?

No wonder the Durham school system dodged the paper’s questions. The N&O said Wiley’s father said she had hired representation, but he would not give the name of her attorney.

Let’s face it – it would look terrible for a teacher to be working with kids if that happened. It doesn't help Wiley's case that UNC says she has not been forthcoming with information.

But if she helped them cheat, you have to wonder if she should should retain her position.

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  1. Your focus baffles me. She’s a nit no matter what she did (if she did anything). Why is the university being so secretive about how many players are being investigated for academics and how many for NCAA violations? This kid is a front to hide what is really going on.

    Even if she did manage to tutor (cough cough write papers for) a dozen players - To cheat with a ghostwritten paper requires three people in the loop. The student (who is 100% responsible), the source of the ghostwriten paper (who is morally responsible) and the professor who accepted it (who is academically responsible). Our society only has a punishment for two of the three for a reason. The student loses his grade and anything attached to it (scholarships..etc). THe professor loses his job. The ghostwriter is just that - there is no legal punishment. Focus on the real criminals here for pete sakes and let’s quit letting UNC yank us around with this titillating distraction.