Friday, October 8, 2010

Duke co-ed Owens didn't rate basketball, football players

This is one time the Duke basketball and football teams are glad to be out of the spotlight.

Karen Owen on the left
If you’ve clicked through the web at all recently, you’ve probably seen that a former Duke undergraduate, Karen Owen, did a Power Point presentation on 13 of her sexual affairs while she was in school. 

To say it is explicit is an understatement – Owen included pictures of her lovers and intimate details of their affairs, including the fact that she had sex with one in a stairwell at the Perkins Library. NBC 17 did a story about it, and it’s pretty obvious most people in the Duke community are well aware of Owen’s efforts.

Owen had an affinity for jocks, hooking up with lacrosse players in particular and a baseball and tennis player. In what is written with graphic language but as if it is a term paper for “horizontal academics,” she rated them all, including … well, you get the idea. She often met athletes at Shooter's bar on Wednesday nights and went off frolicking with them after that.

What’s interesting, though, is there are no basketball or football players included. You can bet that Mike Krzyzewski and David Cutcliffe are breathing a sigh of relief about that.

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