Monday, October 4, 2010

Panthers should have stolen a victory in New Orleans

Ok, so the Carolina Panthers aren't very good this year but they really had a chance to steal one in New Orleans... and they should have.

Despite being winless and using a rookie quarterback and being without injured Steve Smith, the Panthers were within John Kasay's field goal range, just barely at the 36-yard-line, with time running out.

But then they ran a slow-developing, deep-in-the-backfield running play to DeAngelo Williams that lost four yards. Even then, at 57 yards, the Panthers had a chance to win it on a long field goal.

But the Saints predictably blitzed QB Danny Clausen who was sacked for another four-yard loss. The Panthers elected not to try a miracle 61-yard field goal attempt and failed on a fourth-down pass. Saints 16, Panthers 14.

It was right there for the Panthers as the Saints have not been playing like Super Bowl champs. The Panthers would have been better off running a couple of off tackle dive plays and try a 50-yarder than running those two slow plays that went backward.

It doesn't get easier for the 0-4 Panthers as they play the 3-1 Bears next week without their star receiver Steve Smith, who is expected to be out with a high-ankle sprain. The Panthers have a bye week after the Bears game.

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