Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little says he is 'remorseful' for actions affecting UNC

North Carolina receiver Greg Little apologized Tuesday for his actions that led to him being suspended from the team for the season. Keep in mind that the statement was surely managed by his attorney and was released by the school, so it has a formal feel in the language. Also, it's not like he spoke with reporters and answered tough questions about his actions - or was in a position to ask the coaching staff or university to share some responsibility.

Still, the statement is extensive and shows some real remorse. It's noteworthy that Little, who is from Durham, originally committed to Notre Dame before switching to UNC. Here is the statement, with our questions in italics:

“One of my greatest accomplishments was receiving a scholarship to the University of North Carolina. Perhaps, but he was also offered by Notre Dame. Representing the University was a true honor and I am so appreciative of Coach [Butch] Davis and his staff for giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream of playing for North Carolina. OK, OK, then why did he commit to Notre Dame?  I want to apologize first to my teammates, coaches, and the support staff for letting them down. To the community of Chapel Hill, students, alumni, and supporters of the University, I am terribly remorseful.

"The recent decision from the NCAA regarding my eligibility as a collegiate athlete is extremely painful, and has been a distraction from the team throughout the past five months. Five months ago was June. The NCAA visited July 12 and 13. Sounds like this was on the minds of the program a month before the NCAA arrived. My situation should not take away from any of the team’s current accomplishments or future accomplishments.  Now that I am no longer a part of the program, I hope my actions will not distract the team any longer.

"For the remainder of this semester, I will continue to pursue my education at North Carolina.For this semester? Will he graduate this semester? Does that mean he will not take classes next semester if he needs them to graduate? I understand the negative connotations associated with my punishment, but I would like to continue to be active in the community and participate in various outreach programs that I have always enjoyed. Classy comment there.

"There are defining moments in everyone’s life. I will use this as one of mine to shape and mold my morals and values as person. My time at UNC came to an abrupt conclusion, but I will forever be a proud supporter of the Tar Heels and the University of North Carolina.”  Great point - and he still has a chance to play in the NFL

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