Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wolfpack, Heels on a collision course

Yes, it's still six weeks away and NC State has big games ahead with ECU, Florida State and Clemson while North Carolina has big games in the meantime with Miami, Florida State and Virginia Tech. But the UNC-State game set for Nov. 20 is looking like an intriguing, emotional matchup.

At the first of the year, most thought the experienced Tar Heels would handle the Wolfpack at home. Then, once the experience drained and the Pack looked good in winning their first four games, most thought that N.C. State would handle the Tar Heels.

Since then, State QB Russell Wilson showed he was human in a disappointing loss to Virginia Tech, which scored twice in the last minutes to win at State. UNC QB T.J. Yates who had been carrying the offense had a subpar game against Clemson yet the Tar Heels found a way to win.

With UNC players becoming eligible again and the team having an us-against-the-world team strengthening mentality - and with State (and Wilson) rebounding well against BC and with fans and presumably players desperately wanting to kick the Heels when they are down - this could be a special game.

Regardless of what happens with the teams records between now and Nov. 20, these teams are going to be emotional and go at it hard against each other. And, it looks as if they are evenly matched with no clear-cut favorite. Of course, with the way this season has gone, that part of the equation could change.


  1. A couple statements above are correct but need clarifying:
    Emotional Matchup - yes it will be. Carolina players and coaches will be weeping(no fans - for answer continue reading) after another NC State football victory leading in to what is sure to follow during Basketball season this year.
    Fans wanting to kick the heels while they are down - Yes, their own fans. I have never met a bigger bunch of bandwagon fans than Tarheel fans. No matter what NCState does the rest of the year, even losing out, our fans never wain in support of our players. And I suppose you could say all other fans are trying to kick them while they are down as well. I respect the consistency as those same opposing fans want to kick them no matter what - not just if they are winning or not winning. Perhaps that is why UNC can be so hated by opposing fans - because UNC fans are so shallow and obnoxious yet have no heart when it comes down to a tough season. Why any athlete would take a chance on that team is a mystery to me.

  2. Fans have been filling the Kenan Stadium this year and supporting the players who haven't cheated or taken trips and jewelry from agents. Maybe N.C. State fans would support wrong-doing players but they shouldn't.

  3. I disagree with both comments. Anonymous may be a State grad like me, but he's clearly a hater and doesn't represent the majority of the Wolfpack nation. State fans are generally loyal and classy, but we have had our moments (Daniel Evans got a few boos from some of our lower class fans several years ago). Likewise, a minor faction of UNC fans are quick to trash their own team - I have heard them many times, including this year in person at the GT game. Bottom line, fans who boo their own team, in any situation, are hurting recruiting and hurting the program. Barnes is way off, however, when he takes a shot back by suggesting Pack fans would support wrong-doing players. Where did that come from and why did you choose to meet Anonymous at his level?

  4. Thanks Richard for the comments. I said "maybe" to make the point that Anonymous seemed to be implying that while Carolina fans were not supporting players who were/are in trouble, N.C. State fans would.
    If it was a shot, it was a shot at Anonymous who said, "our fans never wain in support of our players." I'm saying that State fans should not always support the players if they have done something inappropriate that hurts the program. Thanks again.