Monday, January 10, 2011

Close win over Maryland shows Duke it's no cake walk

National commentators have been talking about Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski breaking the coaching wins record this year during the NCAA tournament.

For that to happen, they'll have to run the table in the ACC regular season and tournament. After narrowly defeating Maryland in Durham, maybe it's time for Duke and everybody else to simply focus on the season as it goes along.

The Terrapins, who were picked to finish sixth in the ACC, led the Blue Devils by six in the second half and only trailed by two with just over five minutes left.

Either the game was a fluke, although it didn't feel that way, or Maryland is better than expected or Duke isn't the overwhelming favorite they've been played up to be.

Maryland's defense is certainly strong and the mystique of the Cameron Crazies doesn't seem to bother them (or most ACC teams these days for that matter).

Duke is still Duke but I'm not sure the Blue Devils will go undefeated if they need late-game threes by Andre Dawkins and Kyle Singler to hold off Maryland at home.

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