Monday, January 10, 2011

Lowe says he's happy with both point guards

Now that the ACC season has begun, don't expect NC State coach Sidney Lowe to change the way he's playing his point guards. He says both are getting better and settling in.

Many observers had expected freshman Ryan Harrow to have replaced senior starter Javier Gonzalez by now but it hasn't happened even though Harrow is averaging about two more minutes a game than Gonzalez.

"It's going to take both of those guys to play well for us," Lowe said. "They have to be ready to go and provide some direction on the floor and keep the push going. I'm very pleased with both of them right now."

Harrow has 52 assists compared to Gonzalez' 32 assists and is averaging 11 points a game compared to 5 points a game for Gonzalez. Still, Gonzalez has started every game.

Perhaps some senior leadership and the sense of paying dues plays into that decision. Lowe says that Gonzalez is pushing the ball up the floor better of late so, unless Lowe is playing possum, don't expect Harrow to start anytime soon.

The State team left early today to avoid weather on its trip to Chestnut Hill to play Boston College Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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