Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baddour: No timetable yet on NCAA investigation

North Carolina athletics director Dick Baddour made a surprise visit to UNC’s football media day, opening a news conference in Chapel Hill by saying he would handle the questions on the NCAA investigation so that coach Butch Davis could deal with football.

Baddour said the NCAA came to Chapel Hill and went over all the issues involved. “It’s very complicated, very detailed and it’s going to take a lot of time to sort it out,” Baddour said.

Baddour said UNC has assembled a team to investigate, including people from the university counsel and athletics compliance. He said he does not have a timetable for when the school might have an answer from the NCAA.

“I have my own personal benchmarks and goals but I don’t want to throw those out because that creates expectations,” Baddour said.

Baddour said he understands the public has a right to know but wants to balance that against the rights of the individuals involved. He said UNC is cooperating completely with the NCAA and, again, said the NCAA did not want details of the investigation to leak out.

After Baddour finished, Davis took the podium and addressed issues involving the team but declined to be specific about the investigation. He said that Carolina would have to address the uncertainty about whether the players could play at some point but said, "We're not at that point yet."

However, read the post below to see that UNC is preparing - just in case.

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