Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UNC's Blake almost went to the NFL's Jets 19 months ago

North Carolina football fans were celebratory in January of 2009 when the UNC coaching staff remained in tact after Carolina associate coach John Blake either turned down or was passed over for a coaching job with the New York Jets.

After recent woes regarding Blake's involvement in an NCAA infractions probe that is seemingly escalating in seriousness, Carolina fans might have been better off if Blake had gone to the pros.

Media reports made it sound as if Blake turned down Jets' coach Rex Ryan's offer to become defensive line coach 19 months ago. In fact, one report flat out said that Ryan was "looking to hire" Blake after firing Kerry Locklin.

Perhaps Blake thought his situation at Carolina, along with his nearly quarter of a million buck yearly salary, was too good to risk. Or maybe he thought Carolina had a chance of winning an ACC or NCAA title. Ironically, this investigaton is threatening to sidetrack Carolina's chances of an ACC or NCAA title. In fact, the Vegas odds are tilting against the Heels, who are underdogs to win the opener against LSU.

But, regardless, Mark Carrier, former defensive back with the Bears, Lions and Redskins over 11 seasons, was hired by the Jets. And Blake returned to the Heels, making UNC coach Butch Davis a very happy man.

"There's been all this speculation about John Blake — is he going to be here, or is he going to leave?" Davis said at the time. "He's going to be here."

Well, Coach Davis, I don't want to convict anyone before all the facts are in but, so far, how is that workin' out for ya?

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