Monday, August 9, 2010

Wolfpack women are up and at 'em ... at 6 a.m.

At Capital Sports, we’re fans of the new look of GoPack.com, the official N.C. State website that suddenly has this super glitzy feel. But it all gets down to having good information, right?

So there is a pretty interesting read there now on the N.C. State women’s basketball team. Say what you want about Lee Fowler, but he made a bold move when he hired Kellie Harper as coach. Now the NCSU women’s team is meeting four times a week … at 6 a.m. … to lift weights.


"We have a different kind of team unity and chemistry when we are in the weight room," junior guard Emili Tasler told GoPack editor Tim Peeler. "We are all helping each other get through our sets. We are trying to be more vocal with each other. Getting up and going to lift at 6 a.m. is difficult, but we are getting stuff done."

So just remember that the next morning when you get up to get coffee … the Wolfpack women are well ahead of you.

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