Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do gangstas and other criminals particularly like Duke, Carolina and State?

In watching America's Most Wanted last night, I noticed that one accused criminal was pictured wearing an N.C. State Wolfpack sweatshirt and another was pictured wearing a Duke hat. What's up with that? Do criminals like ACC teams or something?

The one wearing the Duke hat was a gang leader from South Carolina who was captured recently at a public library in Greensboro on charges of robbery, kidnapping and assault with intent to kill. Turns out that Duke apparel is used by the "Folks" gang whose colors are Black and Blue. For them, "DUKE" stands for "Disciples Utilizing Knowledge Everyday."

Here's the rub - and proof that gang members don't get it - Tar Heels apparel is also used by the "Folks" gang. Could you imagine a modern-day "West Side Story" with Duke and Carolina gangstas fighting on the same side?

N.C. State isn't listed on gang knowledge Web sites as being represented so the criminal wearing the Wolfpack sweatshirt might have been a run-of-the-mill criminal. Or maybe he was a member of the "Spanish Vice Lords" who wear red clothing.

By the way, the 10 most gang-affiliated hats in sports, according to complex.com, are No. 10: Oakland A's, No. 9: Georgetown Hoyas, No. 8: Minnesota Twins, No. 7: Detroit Tigers, No. 6: Houston Astros, No. 5: Los Angeles Kings, No. 4: Chicago Bulls, No. 3: LA/Oakland Raiders, No. 2: Cincinnati Reds and No. 1: Los Angeles Dodgers. It is strange, however, that the Web site doesn't say how they came to those conclusions plus they offer an advertising link to buy each of those hats.

Even though the Devils and the Heels aren't in the Top 10, I imagine if you are a Duke or Carolina fan, after reading this, you might worry about wearing the colors in the wrong place at the wrong time. But according to corrections.com, there is more to it than that. Below is a description of how to identify gang-related clothing and styles.

"Shaved, bald head or extremely short hair, White oversized T-shirt creased in the middle White athletic type undershirt Polo type knit shirts (oversized) and usually worn buttoned to the top and not tucked in. Oversized Dickie, Ben Davis or Solos pants, Pants worn low, or 'sagging' and cuffed inside at the bottom or dragging on the ground. Baseball caps worn backwards (usually black and sometimes with the initials of the gang). Cut off under-the-knee, short pants worn with knee-high socks, a predominance of dark or dull clothing, or clothing of one particular color. Black oversized jackets, sweatshirts, jerseys, etc. Black stretch belt with chrome or silver gang initial belt buckle, oversized shirts, Clothing a mixture of gang colors, black and silver or white."

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  1. Gangsters always have a chance to play at Va Tech. No law and order there. Wolfie '61